• In the bible, the Jews were God's chosen ones. And they were expecting the Messiah, but when he came (Jesus) they rejected him. They rejected his authority, his teachings, and God no longer favored them. He then extended his favor to any who followed Jesus Christ his son, the Messiah. That is when he extended it to all Gentiles (non-Jews) to have the opportunity to gain his favor. People of Jewish faith are still looking for the Messiah and waiting for him to come. No Christian would revert back to Judaism without first rejecting Jesus as the Messiah. That would religiously be like saying that Bush was never president and pretending that he may have been a politician, but he was no president.
  • The scriptures explain that it is those who believe in Jesus who are God's chosen people, those who are children by promise and not according to physical race. (1 Peter 2)(Romans 9)(Galatians 3) Christians are referred to as the Israel of God in Galatians 6. True circumcision is of the heart. (Romans 2) The Jews are temporarily blinded in this age, except for a few called the remnant. Romans 9, 10 and 11 provide details. Confirmation of the general spiritual blindness of the Jews is given in John 12, Isaiah 6, Matthew 15, Mark 7, 1 Thessalonians 2 and several other places. All Jews will be saved in the end, mostly in a future resurrection. (Romans 11)(Ezekiel 37) Best wishes, Eddie Cairns.
  • The True Lamb of God known by many names. Four of His names/titles are The WORD, The Messiah, Jesus the Christ, & King of Kings & Lord or Lords. There are many more. But to get back to your question. He had to be earthly born as a Jew. Because the Jews were & still are Gods chosen people. They studied God's Word with belief that the Messiah would come to free them. Only in order to do so. God could not let all His children fully understand His WORD yet. Not until His prophecy in the book of "Isaiah Chapter 53" was fulfilled. Those who's eyes were opened after the crucifixion became aware of the teaching they had studied all their lives. Not all may of excepted it, even to this day. But for those of us who do, realize that JESUS is the CHRIST. And no matter what tribe or religion we maybe from. As long as we believe in the Lamb of God, Gods only begotten Son who came into this world sinless. And died on the cross for all of our sins. And on the 3rd day rose again, holding the keys to Heaven & Hell. And now being by the right hand of His Father in Heaven as the CHRIST. We who by faith put our trust in Him, are called CHRISTIANS. Just take time and read the WORD. Check out the Book of PSALM Chapter 22 & like also stated in the first part of this answer. Read the book of Isaiah Chapter 53. Both being prophecy of the crucifixion of Christ beforehand. Then check out in the new testament John Chapter 3 V'16. No matter how we look at it tho. We are all God's children. Depending on how we chose to live our lives here on earth, will determine our destiny in the long run.....+5 for your question.........Good Luck my FRIEND..........................M.C.S.
  • One cannot choose to be chosen... One might chose to live a Jewish life, but conversion is not an option.
  • Good question. Yes it did. God meant for the jews to be missionaries to the world spreading the good news that the messiah had come and died and risen. He prepared them as a nation of priests- separate and special in his dealings. The problem was they rejected Jesus- the son of God. They rejected God through their rejections of numerous prophets. They rejected Jesus Christ in the flesh. They rejected the Holy Spirit when they stoned Stephen. That was the final straw. That's three strikes- and they were out. God gave the gospel of grace to Paul to serve salvation to the gentiles (non-jews). At first Christians thought they had to be circumcised as well but that all got settled in the Jerusalem council where it was agreed that gentiles are not under the law- they are under grace. Jews that believe in Jesus are still under the law. Gentiles who believe in Jesus are called Christians. Hope this helps to answer your question.

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