• If it's the one I'm thinking of, it only works with low rider vehicles. It won't open at all for other types of cars or trucks.
  • If u want to unloxk transfender [ the place wher u remodel cars and bikes. it is there near vinewood] then u have to finish a lowrider mission that will be given by Cj sis's BF. and it will unleash.
  • there's five different car mod shops in san andreas. one for lowrider's one for street racing cars and three for cars just plain cars. lowrider shop is in willowfield los santos. one for just cars in temple los santos. plain car mod shop in doherty san fierro. street car mod shop in ocean flats san fierro.And a plain car mod shop in come-a-lot las venturs.As you progress in the game different mod shops will become available.
  • well i only fond 3 so...

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