• Definetely. If it was a younger person I would help, but even if not, I would still help. If they said nothing, I would loeave it at that, but STILl!
  • No. I wouldnt want to be nosey and im sure theyd just want to be left alone. Plus it would probably feel awkward
  • I would film them with my cell-phone then put the video on AB and ask people what's wrong here. No, seriously I would ask. I feel for people who might be in this kind of situation.
  • I wouldn't do it in a nosey way i'd say are you ok ? Do you need help ? :)
  • I would ask if I could help them. Especially if the look like they may have been hurt, or abused.
  • Yes I would ask what was wrong, and if i could help them.
  • Rather than ask what is wrong, I would probably ask them if there was anything I could do to help. Asking "what's wrong" is sort of intrusive and it also seems to suggest they are acting 'abnormally' or something. I don't think it would be any of my business really why they were crying but it wouldn't be out of place to offer help.
  • I sure would. Could be a sign they want to talk . I would ask them what happened.
  • This actually happened in out town about a year ago. I lady would go from bus to bus sit down and start crying. Everyone would ask her what's wrong and can they help. She gave them various stories about not having a job, no one would hire her, her boyfriend cleared her bank account, she couldn't feed her kids, etc. She ended up collecting hundreds of dollars a day from good hearted people, and then buying crack. She was finally arrested. I guess after hearing that, I wouldn't ask what's wrong. I'd ignore it.
  • Yes I would, and have.
  • I would ask if he/she was OK, offer a kleenex, and sit quietly beside her. Sometimes that's the best you can do for people - just be there.
  • I think I'd ask if they were ok... Especially if it's someone I've seen before.
  • Yes... i rode many buses as a youth, cause i lived in the country, and rode the bus to school! More than once, this happened.. more than once the kid opens up, and once... i was told the kid was going to commit suicide when he got home... so i asked him to come home with me for the day, we would hang out and talk. We did, he got help, and we talk regularily still today!
  • If I thought they could or be open to comfort I would extend myself and see if I could help somehow, even just listening.
  • I would ask if everything was alright. Then I'd offer a tissue and a sympathetic shoulder. If they didn't want to talk, I'd leave them alone.
  • I wouldn't ask what was wrong, but I would ask if they were OK, and if they needed something. If they offered any information, then I would try to offer assistance, or a listening ear if that's what they indicated that they needed. If not, I wouldn't pry past the initial questions.
  • I would not ask them that, I would quietly go over and ask If they needed some help or anything
  • No, I would mind my own business.
  • 7-27-2017 No, I would mind my own business.
  • I wonder how many times I have asked this of someone in my bus? I drive a school bus and several times each year I have a student crying. Usually elementary students. I usually start off by asking them why they have clouded up and raining on my bus. Then ask as they explain the reason. It runs from their friend doesn't like them to even bullying. I do my best to help them.

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