• way too many! :)
  • A typical galaxy has a few hundred billion stars. The observable universe is estimated to have around a hundred billion galaxies. So the number of stars in the observable universe is on the order of 10^23, give or take a few powers of 10. See the Wikipedia article on the observable universe -
  • One.... *** The sun is an ideal type of star for our needs. It is steady burning, long-lived, and neither too large nor too hot. The vast majority of stars in our galaxy are much smaller than our sun and provide neither the right kind of light nor the right amount of heat to sustain life on an earthlike planet. In addition, most stars are gravitationally bound to one or more other stars and revolve around one another. Our sun, by contrast, is independent. It is unlikely that our solar system would remain stable if we had to contend with the gravitational force of two or more suns.
  • Same as stars.
  • "beeliuns and beeliuns" - Carl Sagan
    • mushroom
      We are mmmade of starstuff!

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