• Get a cat - seriously :o) While the cat may not catch the mice, it won't take long for the mice to realize that your house is a hard target. Also, try calling an exterminator that specializes in rodents.
  • What you can do thta isn't poisonous to you, your kids or any pets or wildlife like birds tht could catch mice, is to buy some plaster of paris and some cornmeal. Get little low sided containers like jar lids or low boxes and make up a mix of half and half, plaster and cornmeal. Plce it in the containers. The mice will eat it and take it back to their nests for their babies, too. They will eat it and then drink water and it will become a lump in their stomach and kill them. But it doesn't harm anything that could eat them. Yes, some of them may die in your walls and smell for a short time, but this WILL get rid of them safely and we've found it to be useful every few years to finally do the job once and for all. There are no little bodies to deal with. No trapped mice to dispose of, no sick pets or kids. Just dead mice.
  • first you need to go around and find out how they are getting in and seal the holes. many do not know that mice like to hide in the attic or under the house when activity is around so poisons if used should be in these locations out of the reach of pets and children. one smell rodents do not like and try to avoid is mothballs which can be placed in the attic and under the house as well to keep them from coming in as well. then set a few mouse traps around the house in places children can not reach and use peanut butter on a small piece of bread to attract them. soon your mouse problem should be solved.
  • Maybe get a cat! Preferably an older cat! Good luck!
  • Borrow a big fat, female cat... they are good mousers...
  • You need to find first the source of why the mice keep coming into your home. Do you have food left out or something that is attracting them? Look for the spot that you think they are coming in. Plug it with Steel Wool! Set Glue traps that are enclosed through out the house. Mice wont bother coming in, if there is nothing for them in the house.
  • Yes, there is a sound device. I forget. But, it can only be heard by the mice in your house. It scares them away for 1,000 yards. It's pretty cool. No messy crap or anything.
  • Here is the Deluxe Pest Attack Wave that gets rid of mice without poisons and messy clean up. Just go to the link above. It scares the living crap out of them, and it probably hurts their ears, too. They will leave. Trust me. LOL

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