• yeah i do i love it they kids are soo cute
  • Yep, I watch it. I think Jon and Kate are great parents and they have such adorable children. That show is a joy for me to watch.
  • I watched when I have time. I think the show is very interesting I like it. I like to see how each parent handles their children. It teaches me that after all I'm not too much over-stressed like them!
  • It's one of my favorite shows. I think Jon and Kate both try to be great parents. They show more patience with their 8 children then I've seen most do with one or two.
  • I like it, the sextuplets are cute.
  • I absolutely love the show. They are such a strong family...and I believe this because it's clear to see they're not perfect. That's what makes it great.
  • I think she is the most annoying bossy no it all woman on the planet, and no man would stay married to her for more than ten minutes. I feel sorry for John, Its horrible the way she treats him. I hate the show but for some reason I cant stop watching it, its like a car accident, You know you shouldnt stare but you cant stop.
  • My wife and I watch Jon and Kate + 8 all the time. It's very interesting to see that they're basically ordinary people coping with an extraordinary situation.
  • Yes a couple of times, I think JOn and Kate are an inspiration for me on how to be a patient parent for my 2 kids, I have questions about the show tough, where do they get money to travel and clothe and feed tbeir children since I see Jon at the house all the time
  • I think Jon and Kate are great parents and it's a cute show. Kate is a perfectionist with raising her children and managing her home. I think she goes overboard.
  • Yeah, I love it, and whenever I think about having a baby I just watch that show, Bam, no more baby woes :)
  • I think the kids are adorable, but it's time for the show to be canceled. I think Kate has OCD and some type of mental disorder. She needs to let the kids be kids. I think Jon will be much happier now that they split. And I find it funny that "Mady" said, "I still like daddy better" during an interview. LOL
  • I've seen it but decided if I want to watch screaming kids and dysfunction I could just get out of bed in the morning.
  • I see this is an old question, but I'll attempt anyway with one more opinion. I was suspicious of their marriage when they did that renewal thing in Hawaii. They made such a big deal out of it that I knew they would not last. I would like to see Kate and Jon from here on without the 8. Going thru divorce and dealing with the aftermath of many reality shows. Their flaws were so empathized: Kate bossy and perfectionistic and Jon such a wuss, no backbone, no initiative and no balls. That whole family needs help. Maybe Dr. Phil could combine his show with theirs.

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