• I dont know, but i certainly wouldn't waste my PG pyramids on my feet :)
  • I saw this on Oprah, one of those days when Dr. Oz was there...He said it worked and there was a testimony from some chick who actually did it, and she said it worked, as did her roomate, who said something to the effect that that girls feet smelled like dead animals.. There is an enzyme or something that dries out your feet in the tea..I think he said it was called tannin(Sp?) Because the odor comes from sweat...I don't know, I guess you could google it..
  • it just puts a nother smell on, it doesnt take a smell away
  • SOUNDS WACKY TO'd be better off soaking in baking soda....which absorbs odor.......then if you have 'cracked' feet you can scrub them with it to smooth the stuff away.........

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