• I really hope not. I think that society would step in long before it were to become a possibility. That is, if we don't go first.
  • I can't imagine how. This could be too deep.
  • Only when life on Earth becomes extinct.
  • Certain breeds might become extinct. But I believe these animals will outlast humans.
  • Only cats.
  • Sure. At some point in time everything will become extinct. You have to remember that 99% of all life ever on earth is now extinct.
  • i doubt they will go anytime before humans, i wish the dogs on my street would become extinct cos the owners let them have free roam of the street,i called animal control but everytime they come round the dogs aint out to play and so they cant do anything. i know its not the dogs faults but its getting old having to make sure my yard is on lockdown so they dont start congregating in it. and im sure if the pittbull that roams around attacks one of my kids no one will own up to being the owner i cant stand dog owners that are too damn lazy to walk them.
  • I hope not. I love both.
  • Sure, in the long run. But domestic cats will probably survive the (ongoing) extinction of other felines: 'domestic cats are some of the most adaptable of all carnivorans. By hitching a ride with humanity, these cats are now found on six of the seven continents, and have succeeded in surviving without human help in all of them. Feral cats are so good at what they do, in fact, that they can sometimes seriously affect the populations of local songbirds. Of all the cats, this cat is the most likely (and very likely at that) to survive into the future.' Source:

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