• The fridge manufacturers made them that way.
  • The light in your freezer is burned out.
  • Bulbs do not energize below 2 degrees, due to the neutrons forming calcium deposits and granulised oxidisation....
  • Some of the stuff in your freezer is classified. Looking at it can result in being arrested by men in dark suits with sunglasses. The refrigerator people are just trying to keep you out of trouble. So when looking for things in your freezer, just feel around with your hands. If something stick to them, that's an ice cube. You found it. But if something bites you horribly, then that must be the abominable snowman, and we've been looking for him, but you should probably let go of him as soon as possible. DO NOT grab your meat *blink* as that does not belong in the freezer anyway, and you will go blind, and how will THAT help you see in the freezer unit? Yea, see? You gotta listen to Mr Pants. Mr Pants knows about grabbing meat. Wait, that didn't come out right. Tell ya what, f**k the freezer, just order pizza!.
  • Because the extreme change in temperature from a heated light bulb to a freezer temperature would cause the light bulb to shatter.

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