• I know what your feeling I have been there for 10 years now. Just talk to him about it. DON'T jump to conclusions. That is the worst thing to do. If things get to bad talk to her also with him there or by yourself but to somewhere she cant cause seen. As far as the 100% expenses as long as he allows it it will be that way. My husband has bought 2 cars for his 17 year old and the EX has paid nothing. That is a battle with us all the time i just put my 2 cents in and then grin and bear it. Just remember they will turn 18 someday and then if the EX is still trying to butt in to your life that a bigger problem. My best advise is to just let him know your feeling (even if he doesn't what to) and try to work through it. his with you not her.
  • Learn how to do home repairs.
  • It's up to him to set boundaries regarding using him as a handyman...and he should make her take him back to court for more child support and not just hand it over. Hopefully, he has a good lawyer. If he's not willing to set limits regarding his time spent "helping" her, you have a problem.
  • I think your ex needs to set reasonable boundaries for his ex. The children, on the other hand should have full access.

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