• Yes, henna is safer because it's all natural (assuming you're using pure henna and not awful metallic compound henna.) As long as the henna you used is 100% pure, then you can safely dye over it with chemical hair dyes. But occasionally dyes don't take as well over henna, and if you bleach hennaed hair, you often get a copper color instead of blond. Strand test if you're unsure.
  • If you have colored your hair before you better test a small segment of your hair before you use henna, especially the pure natural powder. Henna is fabulous for your hair. It improves the texture and makes it shiny and strong and very healthy. But it doesn't mix with chemical hair dyes very well if it isnt pure henna. It can turn your hair a horrid greenish color or like swamp black mud if you have recently dyed your hair. Before you dye your hair with henna please go to this page: And download the free book, written by the most knowledgeable henna artist on the planet:-) There is nothing about henna that Catherine Cartwright Jones doesn't know:-)
  • No, you should only dye your hair with henna if you are ready to continue dying your hair with henna. I'm not saying this to be on the safe side - just read the directions in any box of hair dye. There is usually a specific warning about not dying over henna. Henna reacts with the chemicals in hair dye, and can potentially turn hair an ugly green that no hair colorist will want to even try to correct. Henna itself though, is excellent for hair and makes it shinier and fuller; just don't mix it up with commercial dyes. Henna is 'safer' than commercial dye I suppose, because it doesn't have any side effects or nasty artificial ingredients. It also does not have an acrid smell like what you might mix out of a box. But, you don't get to pick your color: henna uniformly tints a burgundy-red-brown.
  • you shouldn't use henna hair dye, it contains metalic salts that will fry and ruin your hair causing breaking(thinning). here go to to understand between store prepared henna dye and natural henna. there is a link for henna for hair community and they are exprts to answer any question. there is no such thing a black henna, red henna, blonde henna or brown henna- those are henna dye with PPD and matalic salts..., BAD. henna is from a leaf of the Lawsonia inermis. the best henna to use that give strong color deposit is BAQ(body art quality) henna. it doesn't coat the hair shaft and fade after couple of washes. henna actually penetrates the hair shaft where it mixes with the karotin and oxidizes in about 4 to 6 days.., that is when the color settles. but please, do go to and read up on henna and educate yourself. i am glad i did. I'm a henna head. at first i henna twice in a month to get the tone and now it is once a year. I use Punabi Prime which give a beautiful red tone.., no it does not change the hair color, it just deposits color and it mixes with your own hair pigment. the look is natural looking. I had more compliments everywhere i go, people think i was born with it. I am a brunette (medium/dark chocolate) and the henna looks wonderful with the brown, and it goes with my pale hazel green eyes.

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