• When you steal a car, the getaway is pedal to the metal, and it was said to encourage everyone to drive like you stole it, and have fun with your car and with life.
  • DILYSI - Drive It Like You Stole It As far as the "ride it like you stole it," the best thing about this set-up is that most people don't have a clue how to ride it and if they try to steal it, they will go down and get caught and/or injured. Imagine trying to stop at a light or in traffic with your left foot holding down the clutch on the floor board, right foot on the rear brake on the other floor board, left hand trying to get the eight ball into neutral by feel only, and therefore no left hand on front brake. drive it like you stole it: Drive fast; drive as if you stole the car and the police are after you. to drive a vehicle faster and more recklessly than it should be driven, acting as if you aren't the one paying for the repairs.
  • With older diesel cars, you have to put the gas pedal on the floor to get it to accelerate. Any less gas and it hardly moves.

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