• close ur eyes lol
  • Just look at something else for a long time when i have to present something i just look out the window and somtime look at the teacher who is grading it. LOL
  • Start off with a related joke or light-hearted comment or two that will get them to laugh, and realize they are laughing at the comment or joke, rather than at YOU. Give yourself credit that your presentation is better than, or at least no worse, than others would/will be. Listen to critiques and don't take them as slams. The teacher should be helping in that regard. Remember everyone else there was, is, or will be in the same boat.
  • I helps when you start out just looking over their heads. Not at the ceiling, but right at the top of their heads. As you get going, you'll want to make eye contact with people, it shows you're engaged. Look around. Have fun. I find it easier when I walk around. I won't stand behind a podium. I like to move back and force and I talk a lot with my hands.
  • i would just try to concentrate on what youre saying instead of concentrating on being nervous

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