• 1,2,3,4,5,6....i can count 6. I'm sure i use more but i got 6 so far
  • A lot!
  • I think the bigger question is how many don't we use every day. Scary how much we rely on them! Great question....really makes you think!
  • wow *starts to count* tv, lights. fridge. heat oh hell loads.. =]
  • I'm going through my day and I'm having trouble counting. Are we counting electronic door locks and the 7 independant circuits in my car and traffic lights? Does a computer count as a single gadget or multiples? (monitor/keyboard/hard drive/etc). What about items I'm indirectly using? (like the clock on the GPS unit) I guess I'll say at the very least 30 (if I count all door locks as one and so on) but more if I'm having a busy day at work or if something breaks then I have to get out even more gadgets to fix the broken one. And they say that gadgets are supposed to simplify your life... ::sigh:: PS from your comment to wolflove, I see you mean gadgets on your person. That narrows it down to 5-6 depending on the day and that is counting the laptop that is pretty much tethered to me.
  • Mobile PDA GPS
  • Many dozens.

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