• I think "Big Brother " was the first.I lasted about 10 minutes watching this drivel and have not seen this programing since then.I have worked behind the scenes for years and reality TV is fake and not real.
  • Candid Camera, 1948
  • An American Family on PBS--they followed a family called the Louds & documented their lives. I was just a little kid, but I remember that the son Lance came out of the closet on the show, & my mom had to explain the whole concept of homosexuality to me. It was very controversial at the time--today no one would even be interested because it was so tame.
  • I think it was called the news.
  • I think The Real World on MTV was one of the earliest successful reality tv shows.
  • it was " the adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" in the 1950s it wad about a successful saxophonist & his family for more information visit this site

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