• dry cleaners
  • dry cleaners
  • My buddy George.... ever notice how they never "bleep" out the word "honky" every time he uses it? Curious....
    • lavender
      I noticed, although that never bothered me, because when they lived next door to the Bunkers, he and Archie would go back and forth with that. Fun shows.
    • Archie Bunker
      We tried to keep folks entertained with our banter. - It doesn't bother me either, but I find it curious that watching old shows and movies, they bleep alot of stuff out. I was watching the Blues Brothers last night, and when they go into Aretha Franklin's diner, she calls them honkeys, yet whenever you hear "blackey" or "negro" or the dreaded "N word", they always bleep that out. Not really suprising though.

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