• after a recent trip to USA, we noted huge amouants of extremly huge people, obesity is getting worse definately, in our country, our obesity problem isnt quite at the level of USA yet. our government are taking a hard look at school lunch rooms, no sodas or fattening foods are being allowed in schools or hospitals.
  • I think obesity is bad enough and we have yet to see the negative effects from it. Money is taking advantage of peoples habits.
  • Obesity in the US is getting far far worse. Over 31% of the population is said to be in the "obese" category meaning that these people have a BMI of over 30. 63% of Americans are considered overweight with a BMI of over 25. That leaves just 37% of americans to be in a healthy weight range for their height. This is a huge probleam in our nation and if we all don't try harder, it will continue to worsen. Cited: Copyright © 2006, American Sports Data, Inc. All rights reserved
  • Hard to say - there's always been fat people. I think there is a lot more media attention about it these days and so it is seen as more of a problem than ever.
  • I contend it is really that pants are getting smaller.
  • Its getting worse in the UK and is now becoming the top disease in mortality and morbity rates!
  • Mine's great! Yours?
  • Is getting worst due to processed foods and to a laissez faire from people who are not concerned about their health.
  • the reason peaple are fat is beclse there lazy im not being mean but iv got from 340 to 265 just by eating normal porsons and rutine exersize no dieting or drugs involved

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