• Of course you have the right, but if you don't vote, should you complain if you don't like it?
  • I guess they do, but I have the right to tell them to stuff it.
  • People can say whatever they want, that's what free speech is all about. I may not respect them for it if they don't vote, tho.
  • The way I look at it is yes because a lot of the time the reason a person does not vote is there are no good candidates to vote for.That is what I see for the presidential election coming up, no good choices,so I guess then you flip a coin.
  • Yes they still have a right to complain just like anyone else. As long as we are American citizens the first amendment gives us that right! This looks like yet again another presidential election with no one to vote for. So I may have to express my right to not vote.
  • Of course you have the right to, but you also have the responsibilty to realize that you may be part of the problem by not being active in the political process.
  • I think so, since their votes don't count in the Presidential election anyway. (i.e. Gore's defeat, even though he had the majority of the country's votes.)
  • they certainly have a right to complain but they also run a very high risk of being told that if they don't like it then "get out and vote"! what if everyone thought that "1 vote can't make a difference"? there would be no election process without everyone's input :)
  • I didn't vote and that is my right. I also don't openly complain about the President either. The only time I have openly complained about our current Pres. is because he sent my son to war!
  • people have the right to complain
  • People have the right to complain about anything they want, BUT if you don't vote in order to even attempt to improve things, it's like complaining that you have a rock in your shoe, but never taking off the shoe and shaking the rock out of it!
  • Of course they do. Complainers will always complain, that's what their place in life is. If it wasn't for complainers, how would we even know when anything was going wrong. Just don't expect them to do anything about it, that's not their job.
  • I would love to vote..and just as soon as someone runs for office who I think has the best interests of the country and people at heart..I will. I will not vote for someone simply because I think he/she may not be quite as bad as the others. When you cast a vote you are saying you want that particular person in charge...if no one is on the ballot who I want to do the job, why should I support the ones who are? Because they are there..because the majority like them? Say what you will..I do not vote for anyone who I don't want to be in office, if that means not voting at be it.
  • Yes you can say what you want for the time being. As long as you are paying to live here open up.
  • Yes. You also have the right to believe that they shouldn't have the right to complain if they didn't vote, though.

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