• I do not think so. I've had a gander at the Constitution and there's very little, if not nothing, in it that coincides with Christianity. Article One says about democracy, no such concept is discussed in the Bible. Article Two says about oligarchy, again, no such concept is discussed in the Bible. Articel Three says about 'one court', this could be seen as a similarity with God's law being the only law but that isn't only Christianity. Article Four says about each state doing as they are told by the Supreme Court, politics! Article Five says about any necessary amendments, adjusting dogma doesn't sound like religion to me. Article Six almost repeats the essence of Article Three. Article Seven says about when the Constitution will come into power, according to religion there is no delay in God's power! First Amendment: Freedom of religion, it says it many times in the Bilbe about killing infadels (if not those exact words). Second Amendment: Bearing Arms, 'If someone slap you on the right cheek let him slap you on the left one too'. Third Amedment: Private homes cannot be quarters for the army, no concept is discussed in the Bible. Fourth Amendment: Warrants, again, no concept is discussed. Fifth Amendment: Double jeopardy, again, no concept is discussed. Sixth Amendment: Speedy public trials, no concept is discussed. Seventh Amendment: Trial by jury in civil cases, no concept is discussed. Eighth Amendment: Excessive bail or fines, and cruel and unusual punishment, no concept is discussed. Ninth Amendment: Basically saying that this isn't dogma, 'isn't dogma?' Tenth Amendment: Basically saying what's not mentioned is up to you, everything is commented on in religion!
  • Mostly but its time for a change. Im a agnostic and I really dont like all the laws of the United States being so christianifed.
  • No it was not. The idea was freedom from religion, as much as freedom of religion.
    • Thinker
      Nowhere does the constitution say "freedom of religion". What it does say is the USA will not have a "state religion" as does England with the Church of England (basically Episcopalian)
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