• Define animal abuse. like making hunting etc ileagal?
  • I see those programmes about the animal cops, who constantly encounter dog fighting and horses that have been neglected or are being used for horse meat. The punishment these people get isn't nearly harsh enough.
  • I thought all of the states in America would have already made animal abuse a crime!!
  • If it was thee would be alot in jail where I live, I think they should, it's horrible how animals suffer out there in our society.
  • I agree that it should be a felony. My state currently is NOT even punishable by law. It's a misdeameanor and people do it daily..though I understand in 2009 it will be a felony starting the 2nd time they get caught (why the 2nd I don't know). I think if we started doing to people what they do to animals (tieing them up in freezing weather, starving them, etc) that maybe people would think twice. However, as long as people think of animals as property, it's not going to matter much what we do i am afraid
  • i think they should too

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