• LOL, yes there is but you must first have a gameshark with broadband enabled. There are a few other cheat disks you can use as well. All you would have to do from that is get the gameshark (or other cheat disk) code and save it to your memory card and use it when you load your game. I have the cheat saved on my gameshark.
  • You will have place them with their appropreate formating software ex. Gameshark/Action Replay/ect....but i must warn you...If you are under 18 you get may also be the same as veiwing a playboy in the middle of public
  • dont listen to any of them. trust me on this one, buy the adult verson then go on dates wit ur gf then wen she invites u in for coffee go in, and enjoy.
  • Yes there is but u haft 2 treat ur gf real good then she'll invite u in 4 coffee and ..... yeah u'll find out
  • It's true that there's one, it was a minigame originally implemented in the game but then it was made inaccessible, but never removed, so there are ways to ''unlock'' it, but I'm not sure how. This minigame was a reward to the player to play after initializing a healthy and true relationship with a women in the game. If you treated her good the whole time, eventually you were meant to be able to play the game. Funny how the Hot Coffee Incident was condemned for its graphic nature and what you were supposed to do in it, when it was the result of a healthy and true relationship, while all the mindless shooting, pimping and women beating in the game seemed okay. :/
  • yes there is but there is a thing u havee to do. u haf to treat ur GF with respect then she will invite u in for coffee and it just happens. GLAD TO HELP
  • yes and it is really horny and sexy
  • It exists, and it's in the game, but there is no way to access it through normal means. That is, just by playing the game, you could never find it no matter what you do. The only way that I know of "unlocking it" is to download a mod, which would essentially just put the Hot Coffee mini game back where it's supposed to be in the game. Then you can bang your pixel girlfriend to your heart's content.
  • the sex scene is PC virtion only. HALF THE THINGS YOU HEAR AND SEE ABOUT SANANDREAS ARE MODS FOR PC ONLY.sorry but it's true!!!
  • Gird your loins for love!

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