• Yes, you can copy a DVD to a CD. However, it isn't a particularly easy process, particularly on Windows systems. First the DVD has to be "ripped" to your hard drive. Then the file(s) need to be converted to a type that can be burned to a CD. File compression may also be required to make it fit on the CDs. The final step is burning it onto a blank CD, creating a VCD (Video CD). The most time consuming part of the process is converting the DVD-compatible files to CD-compatible files. Depending on your computer speed, it can take as much as 6-8 hours or longer for each DVD. And, because DVD files have greater compression than CD files, it will take roughly two CDs to hold the contents of one DVD. To accomplish all this, you need special software. There are some programs that will handle ripping and converting the DVD, but as with most software, you get what you pay for, and the good programs are a bit spendy. After looking into what it takes in terms of hardware, software, and time to copy a DVD to CD relative to what it takes to copy a DVD to DVD, I decided not to bother with copying to CD. If you go to and search on things like "dvd ripper," "dvd ripping," and "dvd copying," you'll gets lots of links to sites with programs and information about copying DVDs to both CDs and DVDs.
  • haha, in all technicallity, no. totally different formats and your talking putting at least 4.7Gb of space on at the most a 700MB disc... that's not happening anytime soon. Personally, that would be too much work for me to shrink the file size and everything. And oh my, how bad the quality is probably going to be after compressing that file.
  • For all the time and work it takes and considering the quality of the end product, you're better off just buying a used DVD on Amazon.

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