• I only give points when i think they're earned although i always give at least one to every answer to my question
  • Love ya Alan, but how do you know this? Can you tell which questions or answers deserve a certain amount of points?
  • Maybe we are all in a good mood ? lol, here have some points :-D
  • I have always given the same points. There are a lot more people at Sage and Maestro level now so they have many more points to give hence the point totals are much higher than they used to be a year ago.
  • The past month's season to be jolly continues onto this month. Maybe that's why. Maybe some like, Lazarus who was beneth the deserved level, have resurrected, and therefore claim their rightful place in this our great community.
  • Best to not complain and just enjoy it.
  • Maybe because it takes too long to hold your cursor over the "+" button and debate how many points to give. For me, it's a habit...I give points to all the answers I receive--if they take the time to answer my question truthfully, I should take time to respond (in a comment) and give positive points.
  • What do you mean here generous? I gave 6718 answers, here are their points: 51 have <0 2903: 0 or less 3077: 1 or less 3475: 2 or less 3908: 3 or less 79: 20 or more I could afford a little more generosity...

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