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  • Yes, its worst than physical abused.
  • Yes, it is. How could cruelty be anything except abuse?
  • Yes it is. I was a victim of it by my mother and it hurts worse then the beatings I got from my dad. It still hurts today and I haven't spoken to her in, gosh, 3 years now.
  • It sure is.
  • Absolutely!!
  • Oh yes, i went through many years of the man that I was married to being verbally abusive to me, and it can be painful, and cruel. Please dont take any abuse, and just get out while you can.
  • 100% yes
  • Of course. Abuse does not require a physical component. In fact, emotional and mental abuse is often far more painful.
  • YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES without a doubt. I hope everyone is clear on that! I've been through it myself and it's so difficult. Proud to say that I got out. :o)
  • Yes. Sometimes it's worse.
  • Yes, it absolutely is. It can even be worse and have more lasting impact because the scars are not visible.
  • Of course it is. It's emotional abuse.
  • Yes it is and it has a devastating effect on the person who suffers it.
  • Absolutely. You can seek a "No-Abuse" order from the courts that states the perpetrator must refrain from physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Therefore, courts recognize it as a form of abuse. A little add-on: Physical abuse is never without emotional abuse, but the scars from emotional abuse last far longer than the physical pain.
  • You bet it is !!
  • depends on what was said and done ... the word 'abuse' is very very over used and applied to far to many things
  • Bruises go away, emotional abuse doesn't..... Is He/She a Potential Abuser? No one wants to think that the person they are dating or in love with could possibly harm them. Many times, it is your friends or family that may see something you don't. They may tell you that something is wrong in your relationship. It is estimated that up to 30% or more of relationships have some form of abuse. There are common potential indicators. Instead of negating their thoughts, you may need to stop and look at your partner's actions. Answer these questions about your partner: * Are you discouraged from talking with friends/family? * Does he/she always insist on going everywhere with you? * Do you have to discuss activity plans, people you will be with, and why you are going to do something with him/her before you can do them? * Does he/she have problems with your success? * Does he/she react negatively to people in positions of authority? * Does he/she believe that the man is the head of the house? * Does he/she belittle you? * Does he/she blame you if things happen? * Does he/she negate your opinion? * Does he/she make you feel guilty? * Does he/she call you names? * Does he/she lose his/her temper and throw things or hit objects? * Have you ever seen this person become violent in a situation with someone else? * Does he/she get violent when he drinks? * Is your partner jealous of your time, your career, other people in your life? * Does he/she play mind games with you? * Does he/she believe the myths about domestic violence? * Believe that sex is his/her right, whether or not you agree to it? * Does he/she come from an abusive home? Does he/she come from a dysfunctional home? Now look at your own actions and reactions. Answer these questions about yourself: * Do you have low self-esteem? * Do you believe in traditional, stereotypical, man-as-the-head-of-the-house roles? * Do you accept responsibility for arguments? * Do you believe the myths about domestic violence? * Do you feel guilty if he/she becomes enraged or jealous, or that you may have caused his actions? * Do you allow yourself to be controlled because you believe the person would not do it if they didn't love you? * Do you believe jealousy is proof of love? While all of these indicators are emotional, remember that emotional abuse is often the first one used. This nearly always escalates and becomes a physical form of abuse. It always involves control - one partner controlling the actions of the other. If this kind of behavior is present , you could have a potentially abusive situation that will only GET WORSE as the relationship progresses.
  • of course it is. Any form of being mistreated is abuse. When I was a kid in school it was physical and mental.
  • Yes. The mental/emotional abuse is worse because there is usually no visible sign of the abuse done to the person.
  • The worst sort in my opinion. Intentional effort to make a person question their own sanity and to purposely try to undermine a persons sense of self is the most hateful and disgusting act one person can pull on another. Physical abuse is recognizable right off the bat a person can spend a life time trying to get a handle on emotional abuse.
  • It strips you of your confidence and leaves you in your own private hell. Nobody needs that in their life. You need to resist, escape or tell someone about it.
  • Anything that is cruel is abuse. Calling someone names is abuse, ridiculing their beliefs is abuse, isolating them could be abuse.
  • Absolutely. In every single way...
  • Very much abusive.
  • Absolutely. Even worse than physical abuse in my opinion
  • I have been subjected to both Physical and emotional abuse during my whole childhood. It is even worse than physical abuse I think. I am a very strong person and cannot take it personally, but it can wreck people
  • It certainly is, and it became a criminal offence here (UK) a few years ago.
  • my boyfriend calls me names, tells me i'm stupid, belittle's me, and degrades me all the time... daily. i can never do anything right and nothing is ever good enough for him. he's always been embarrassed by me. he won't hold my hand in public, won't kiss me, or show me any kind of affection in public. i ask him why and he says he's afraid someone might see him. i've met only three of his friends and was introduced as my name, not as his girlfriend. during this meeting i was asked who i came to the party with. when i said my boyfriend's name, his friend said that he didn't know that he even had a girlfriend.. at that time we had been dating for over a year. all the way home, he yelled at me about it. i'm 5'10 140 lbs and he constantly calls me fat. he made me get an abortion b/c he didn't want a child with me. and now, i recently had to have a hysterectomy. he never came to the hospital to visit me, never called to see how i was doing.... nothing. said he was busy. although he treats me like this, i love him more than anything in this world. how can i get him to love me and treat me better?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Mental, emotional, intellectual, financial are ALL ways abuser "do their thing". Physical is just the most often reported and the most visual.
  • Betrayed, the same thing happened to me. My husband brought home his whore to watch our child.He said she was a girl at work down on her luck.So I kinda felt sorry for her. He gave me a BIG SOB story about her. She stayed at my home days at a time. I befriended her, bought her things (food, gifts) All the time they had been screwing behind my back. I felt like such a fool.I know they were laughing at me behind my back. Lots of other people knew about them too, people I knew as well. They embarrassed me in front of them as well. He was and still is verbally abusive to me for many years. He was always calling me a stupid bitch, a bad mother, a lousy lay, a dumb cu&% and many other insults too many to list. He would throw my things out just to be mean. I hate myself for putting up with his sorry ass. Yes, he is still her. I am scared to be alone. I went from my mom and dads house to his. I have never been on my own and I am scared to. I know how it feels to be abused. I told my husband that he was abusing me. He said I was crazy, that he NEVER hit me. I said you don't have to hit to abuse someone that there is verbal and mental abuse too. I still put up with this and I wish I had the guts to get out. I'm afraid he'd get the kids. I don't want anyone else to hurt like this. Please get away if you can.

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