• Female dogs become sexually mature between 6 and 12 months of age. Smaller breeds reach puberty at a younger age than larger breeds. Most dogs go through a heat or estrus cycle every 5 to 10 months (7 months = average). The canine heat cycle is divided into several stages based on the dog's behavior and physical signs: PROESTRUS (pre-heat) = the period of time when a female dog attracts males but is not receptive to breeding. Females usually have a blood tinged vaginal discharge and a swollen firm vulva. Average = 9 days (range = 0 to 17 days) ESTRUS (heat) = when the female dog will accept the male and stand for breeding. The vaginal discharge usually becomes clear (some dogs will continue to have a bloody discharge throughout) and the vulva less swollen. The bitch will "flag" or hold her tail off to the side when the male approaches. Average = 9 days (range = 3 to 21 days) DIESTRUS = starts when the female will no longer allow breeding and ends when the ovaries stop producing the hormone progesterone. This period lasts about 65 days in the pregnant dog ending when the puppies are delivered, or 75 to 95 days in the non-pregnant dog. Progesterone may cause many false signs of pregnancy like nesting behavior and milk production even if the dog is not pregnant. "False pregnancy" resolves on its own when progesterone levels decline. ANESTRUS = period between heat cycles when the uterus becomes smaller and inactive. This is the best time to spay a dog. I couldnt find anything specific to Rottweilers, sorry. I hope this helps though.

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