• Yes, I believe this is, by far, a gross oversimplification. I am a woman, served in the Marine Corps gained rank and led Marines. All the women I have known throughout my life, civilians included, that were born leaders, were also intelligent enough to know that sometimes a strong show of force is critical.. and sometimes, it's us or them. In a situation like that, the only viable option is the attitude "well, it's NOT going to be us"
  • I think so. Gender has nothing to do with it, it's the species that's the problem.
  • Yeah. Just like when guys say that men are better drivers, or when women say all guys are stupid, or women would never have invented the bomb.
  • no but i'd be willing to bet germany would be a lesbian;)
  • No..I think that women would stand for peace and love.
  • We would have a world full of love and peace !!
  • What? are you kidding,the fashion police would be getting paid overtime to make sure their dictator looked better than the others. The hairdo wars would begin. The "You must stay fit for your woman" laws would start. The 3 day work week would become a reality(for one sex only)the other sex would be busy 8 days a week(according to the new 10 month calenders which would have less months in hope of less PMS) Wow,I'm on fire this AM...hehe More when the inspiration returns(and I can crawl out from under cover)(Let me know when the 'All clear' sounds...LOL:D )
  • No i dont think we would .
  • Yeah unfortunately it will happen male or female.
  • I would say that there would be no physical wars, but the political warfare would be hardcore.
  • Yes. For as long as people accept religion and individual possessions there will be war.
  • Major bitch fights, are you kidding? Women are not the weaker sex, trust me.
  • I read an article from some defiant feminist in Marie Clare recently which argued just that. It didn't convince me but I do think it is possible there would be far fewer wars, I really do. Typically, women are usually more nurturing and are peacemakers over warmongers. Right now, a woman in power has to act more traditionally male in order to get that power. This would not happen in that instance. Perhaps.
  • It would be depending on the woman,how much power they had to stop funding or dismantling their military,and their ability to negotiate and communicate with other countries to keep the peace.One example where nothing changed at all was "the iron lady" Margaret Thatcher.
  • You've seen "The Big Doll House", right? Yes of course there would be wars, women are still human, right? That's why.
  • of course......why? are u honestly trying to insinuate that only men war/fight.....????if women ran the world there would be no MEN, just males dominated by vicious cat fighting females..... i am a woman....but i would rather live in a MAN"S world than a WOMAN"S ....i hate being part of a castrated male society....we got enough 'mamas boys'
  • There will still be wars. Wars are fueled by beliefs systems and ideology. Wars are sometimes fueled by the need of certain resources. Man or woman, There will always be belief systems and different political views. You can't take that away from people. There will always be a need for wars. A need to protect what you hold dear and a need to destroy what destroys your way of life.
  • Probably not because women look for other ways to solve problems other than violence.
  • wars are fought because of religious differences.
  • if women ONLY ruled the world, i think there would be less wars, or not at all... if even there was a glimpise of a man... war is inevitable then.
  • A few less out right wars but hissy fits would reach a new level. Okay fine DR if you want -it's my honest opinion, prove me wrong. +5
  • It would be just like the insect world. Females DO in fact run things there, and men are disposed of as soon as the babies are made. What is that if not a WAR.
  • If a woman ran the world there would be a fight once a month. Once a month I would love to smack the hell out of someone..
  • Yes, you must not be aware of how women really are. They are still capable of having emotions....they are the epitome of emotion.
  • 8-8-2017 It's just a dum thing to say. Mothers have always sent their sons to war. In Greece the traditional sendoff was "Come home with your shield, or on it." Translation: Win or die. Only men could declare war, but the women could block it by refusing to send their sons. Getting closer to home, my mother expressed sorrow when I joined the Air Force. She wanted one son in each service, and she already had one in the Air Force.

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