• The Tiger Shark, but all of them will pretty much eat you.
  • The Bull shark. As per Wikipedia: The bull shark is well known for its unpredictable, often aggressive behavior. Many scientists agree that since bull sharks often dwell in shallow waters, they may be more dangerous to humans than any other species of sharks.
  • I'm thinking most of them if given the right conditions. I have heard that the Mako shark is pretty dangerous to humans.
  • I would say the Great White. Now the Bull shark is dangerous because it can be found in fresh water rivers that empty into the seas.
  • if you get near it and you hear "duhhhnuhhhh duhnuhhh duuuhhhnuuuhhh duhnuh duhnuh duhnuh duhnuh duhnuh duhnuh duhnuh" then it's safe bet that it's jaws and you should skidadle out of the water.
  • i think the great white shark
  • If Meg still existed, then I should say the Megalodon 0.0; It was the much bigger version of the Great White O_O;
  • The one closest to you in the water :)lol
  • The Card Shark, they take your last damn dollar. Evil little buggers.
  • A Loan Shark. I don't get it, If they cut off your little finger for not paying the $10,000, you still owe them the money even though your finger is gone. Is that fair> Sorry, I have trouble hitting keys on that side of the keyboard....It is actually easier to spell out question mark now... :(
  • The Bull Shark is #1 followed by the Tiger Shark at #2 followed by the Great White at #3. The Bull Shark's aggression and high level of adrenaline make them very dangerous as well as extreme territoriality. They can also swim into fresh water and survive. A lot of attacks have occurred in swimming spots along river shores where the water is very murky.
  • This table documents the number of shark attacks per shark species. I personally think, though, that it is inadequate to judge the danger of a shark by the number of accounts. Considering the sharpness, strength, and jaw span of most shark teeth, I have to say the most dangerous shark is the one that could live in shallow waters near you! Great white - 373 Tiger - 137 Bull 88 Sand tiger 67 Blacktip 32
  • The infamous "Horny" Shark
  • Tiger shark.
  • The loan shark
  • the problem with awnsering this question is that although some sharks have alot of problems with people, those sharks may be in a more populated area than other sharks, therefore causing more run ins. but the most inncodents arrise with tigersharks every year. Not great whites.
  • A great white.
  • I would say the bull shark. While they're only a fraction of the size of a large great white (around 9 or 10 feet, and 600 pounds, as opposed to 18 feet and 4000 pounds for the GW)they make up for their lack of size with their aggressive behavior. I've heard that a bull shark's testosterone level is among the highest of any animal- even higher than a bull African elephant in "must", during mating season. Also, bull sharks are known to frequent shallow water, and travel into fresh water, up rivers, and into lakes. I've read of one account of a bull shark being caught more than 1200 miles up the Mississippi river. This combination of qualities means that it's much more likely to come into contact with, and bite people than any other shark. I believe that many of the attacks attributed to other sharks were, in all likelihood, committed by bull sharks. The infamous attacks of 1919, in Matawan Creek, New Jersey stand out as one example. It was believed that a great white shark was solely responsible for several attacks on bathers (because a young 7 foot GW was caught in nearby Raritan Bay afterwards) but because many of the attacks took place in fresh water, this proves that it was in fact bull sharks, and not a great white. I would rate the bull shark number one on a list of the most dangerous species of sharks, with the tiger shark, great white, and oceanic whitetip following as the next three most dangerous.
  • i would have to say the white tip shark

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