• Too old school. Some guys are shy, and most of the time a shy guy is the one you let get away.
  • I think everyone likes a challenge. I say go for it. Start running......
  • I don't think the word "chase" either way sounds good. How about being honest about your feelings. Like somebody? Tell them.
  • The chase is half the fun. It's a Dance, not a tackle.
  • Based on my personal experience (which I will not detail) I agree with your mentor. Pick up a copy of "He's Really Not That Into You." Or listen on audiobook.
  • sounds a little sexist to me...:)
  • I agree with your mentor a 100%.
  • I think a guy would enjoy being sought after...depending if he's into the female. Thats what seals the deal.
  • ........ it think THAT IT ALWAYS DEPENDS and at the same time..... a realationship needs to be a give and a take.
  • Way too old fashioned. Women didn't burn their bra's just to assume the role of the hunted...she did it so she can become a hunter too.
  • I disagree. The chase is pretty fun.
  • Speaking as a 'guy', I would be perfectly happy if a woman openly expressed interest in me. I've been informed by friends that I have missed several possible romantic opportunities because the woman in question was waiting for me to 'chase her' while I was completely oblivious to the situation. In the end, we BOTH missed out because of that silly dictum.
  • not in todays society ...many girls no do the chasing and thats fine by me ...I'll just run slower so they can catch me :):)
  • I disagree :P. Guys are surprised by a bold woman.
  • I think it all depends on peoples personal preference! For example: I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to relationships so I would agree. I think it is they guys job. But some people are more with the times (ok I'm 23 it's not like I'm old and outdated) and are into women taking a more aggressive role. It's all about what you think/want really!
  • Pursue.....never chase. LOL Anyhoo, I think it's totally fine for the girl to pursue a guy. I mean, why not? Aren't women supposed to be equals?
  • sounds good to me but you might end up alone. Just a thought. Gotta have a little chace in ya!
  • When did we go back to 1950?
  • True - but get him to chase you
  • A woman friend of mine complained that all the guys she dated were jerks - aggressive, pushy, insensitive and self-centered. Then she realized that she ignores 9 out of 10 guys, and only dated the kind of man who chases after sex. She created her own abusive relationships, by requiring men to chase her! She screened out the nice guys and the gentleman, because they were considerate and kind, looking for a partnership based on mutual desires. Once she stopped requiring men to chase, she started to develop honest relationships. Less game-playing, and more genuine people.
  • I agree. It's the guy's place to pursue us. :D
  • I think it's necessary to chase some guys who don't have the guts to chase the girls. That being said, I prefer to make the men chase me. It makes me feel more desireable. But I did used to do the chasing. I just decided to change.
  • I wonder what your mentors reasoning was and were they male or female? Frankly I have always thought it ridiculous that the men are expected to take all the rejections while females sit back and enjoy the ride. I made the first move with my partner and told him how I felt about him. We are both very happy I did.
  • I'd say reasonably accurate as guys are naturally chasers. This isn't to say that you don't let them know you're interested but in a GENERAL (not selective) sense i agree with that statement. Keeps them interested however having someone chase you and running away are different things so gotta be careful to know where the lines are kinda thing if that's how you play the game of luuuurve lol =]
  • Never say never...
  • I love the thrill of the hunt but I also like to be chased. I agree it's give and take. If you don't see me following you... you better come get me!!!

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