• There would be no rain, and your coffee would always be too hot.
  • no rivers, no lakes, only the ocean. Remember that rivers are fed by rainfall which is created by evaporation. everything would dry up exept the oceans (the lowest point the water will travel). initially you could get water inland from wells but what happens over time when you've extracted all the water from the existing water table? there will be no rain to replentish it. There would be a mass migration to costal areas to find water. you could only get fresh water from filtering it as desalinization plants would be useless (these work by evaporating salt water. the vapor rises leaving the salt behind. when the vapor cools it turns back into liquid water with no contaminants (salt, etc.) I sure am glad we have evaporation!
  • What would happen if we ever found out what the heck "eveperation" is?

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