• Not really, no. Just one part of them.
  • it says something about says they do homework and are good with tests and learning in a school enviornment...but thats all. (also that they can get into a better college) doesn't make them a better person or even a smarter person.
  • Certainly not. Pretty much anyone can get good grades, and these are just statistics, they don't tell you anything about the person behind them. The person behind the grades can be a successful person, committed to getting ahead in the world, or they could be a loser who's cheated off the person next to them for every exam and doesn't have the skill or desire to do the work themselves.
  • NOOOOO I person as they are and act and what they repersent and how they define themselfs is how you define a person
  • No----however it does give and idea of what type a person you are when it comes to accomplishment. Grade dont define who you are--it show who you are becoming. Dont let others define you by having an excuse---grade often do that in today's system---study smart.
  • That's what other employers seem to think.
  • No, not really. It does tell you some things about a person, but it doesn't define that person.
  • I didn't allow my poor, abysmally poor grades to define me. So no, I don't think grades define a person. My children love this about me because it meant I have never pushed them for A's. Ironically, in the way of these things, they are excellent grade earners! So wasted on me! j/k
  • numbers sitting next to subjects mean little to nothing.
  • not so long as you have good looks to fall back on.
  • There are many occasions in which grades do not define a person. I have seen many college graduates with good grades that are not as kind and endearing as my grandparents that never had the chance to go to school.
  • l would hope not.....l thinkn they carry weight while studying but in the great world of the work force performance in you day to day tasks become cetre of attention.....
  • no, i think it defines more your ability to memorize large amounts of force fed information and then regurgitate it on a piece of paper. also seems to define how well you can deal with the stresses of taking these inane worthless exams.
  • Definitely not. Some people are more practical than book smart. Someone who tests well can get good grades, but still suck at the practical. Actually, I think that may have been the reason my doctor can never seem to diagnose anything properly. :(
  • Not at all.

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