• Guys are pretty simple. Just cook him his favorite meal (or order in if you can't cook) and dress up really hot for him. If you guys are already in the sexual stage, then get some sexy lingerie to wear for him after dinner and also maybe some strawberries and champagne. Hint during dinner that you've got a special dessert planned for him later. :)
  • Make him a card, not one that looks like it took you ages, just fold a piece of paper, and cut letters out of a magazine to spell the words happy valentines day. This is good because it's personal, and thoughtful, but it's still only a card, which you haven't paid for. Alternatively say that you want to go to the cinema with him on the day and you'll pay. Or give him some kind of sexual favour. I think all of these aren't too personal, but are still nice and memorable
  • Just act like whatever it is he does for you on Valentines Day is the coolest thing you could have imagined. Most of us guys really couldn't care less about V-day except that we don't end up in the dog house for not doing a good enough job for our lady.
  • Don't cook for him yet. Don't do too much for him. He should do more for you, and don't feel bad about it either. Let him work for you. Give him a card.
  • Just get him a card.

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