• That hasn't happened to me. But I think asking for permission is necessary. It pays to be polite. People value their privacy and I think it should be respected all the time.
  • This happens all the time when me and my mates do stupid things under the influence of stupid things.
  • By the way in some parts of the world it's illegal to video tape someone without their prior consent.
  • It's happened to me before. My little sister's friends like to do it. One of my brother's friends used to do it, too. I think he liked me....uh, anyway, it doesn't matter who's doing it, I don't like it. I hate seeing myself in action, and I hate my voice when it's played back to me on a tape or something like that because it sounds so different and weird.
  • I hate it to my mother in law videotapes me while I am exchanging my daughter with my soon to be ex husband. I tried one time to grab the camera from her(because it is my camera) and she filed chages on me for assault. I do not know what else to do
  • I tell them I am not here to entertain you, get a monkey.
  • Hate is a very strong word! I avoid using it. I've been videoed. It was uncomfortable mostly because it was a couple of teenage boys and I knew what they were going to do with it! But the mind itself is a very good video recorder as well, so what harm really was done? then again they weren't trying to make me do anything they were just video taping me walking.
  • thats never happened to me but that might be illegal to film you without permission

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