• I hate the answers that draw a line in the middle, but the options don't allow for the body type that most women fit in, which is in between. Most women are neither thin or big. They carry a little extra weight, but the curves are mostly in the right places so it is appealing. I, personally, like a little junk in the trunk.
  • Petite I would have to say, and to give a reason would be impossible, its just me :-D
  • I am attracted to girl who have it together--big or small--doesn't matter--if you take care of what you have---than either way is appealing.
  • As long as they are shaped like a woman it don't much matter to me.
  • somewhere in b/w
  • I do like some junk in the trunk, i like the more curvy type of gal, but sometimes i do go for the pettite type if i really like them Sometimes you just have to look past the body into the heart (god that sounds so corny....:P)
  • I am not a guy, but as a stylist I have to say that petite is the sizing term for shorter women (normally under 5 foot 3), it does NOT skinny or thin. Repeat, the word "petite" means little or short, it does not translate thin or skinny!!!!!!
  • i like petite girls u can man handle them more......if they want it
  • Short or tall, as long as they are in shape.....but at this point I probably won't be too picky:)My last two women were in between. Both were 5' 6" and in shape.
  • Definitely petite closer they are to 5ft and under the better, they're my weakness lol plus with tht petite frame comes petite feet woot woot
  • I'm more attracted to big, healthy women.

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