• During the Ming Dynasty, polish was made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dies and Arabic gum. The polish we use today can give its thanks to the car industry. Today's polish is a refined version of car paint. Nail Polish as we know it today was invented about 5000 years ago by the Chinese with the favored colors being red and black. The Egyptians apparently used to dip their fingers into orange henna.
  • No it was not the Polish. I believe it was Chinese are previously stated....People have been painting their fingernails for a long time. The first examples date back to China in 3000 BC when the royal family used a mixture including among other things, egg whites, beeswax, silver and gold to colour their nails. Quite different from the nail colouring that was popular in the British Isles or the stuff we use today, has more in common with car paint!

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