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  • Two theories: Since the porn industry has become more open a lot of girls have cottoned onto the fact that guys dig girl-on-girl action. Therefore a lot of women who notice when other girls are pretty, or once played doctors and nurses when they were 10, or kissed a friend at a sleepover as an experiment have begun to re-define themselves as "bi-sexual" because they think that guys will find them more attractive because of it. If you go to and are anything like me you'll be highly skeptical about the number of "bisexual models" who like football on there. Its highly likely many of these women have never slept with another woman (or at least not without either a guy or a video camera in the room- sorry- was I being cynical?) Secondly, bisexuality, along with homosexuality, has become far more acceptable to society in general. With high profile women such as Angelina Jolie admitting to sexual encounters with women, and mainstream (i.e. not porn) film depicting bisexual characters, women (as well as men) are more likely to feel comfortable admitting to their attraction to or fantasies about other women, and, with the rise of gay clubs, are also more likely to have the oppurtunity to make fantasy reality. Personally, I feel a mixture of both these reasons is responsible.
  • I can only speak for myself but for me it comes naturaly, i dont know anyother way of explaining it except "I am just as atracketed to other girls as i am men......" but then agian i can only speak for myself
  • When I first realized I was bi and "came out" back in 93, it wasn't cool. Trust me. Over the years I've seen the taboos diminish greatly. I don't really know if there's a greater tendency amongst females to be bi, or bi-curious, but I think more people are at least open to it now. Whether this is cultural or just people finally having the moxie to not care what others think, I don't know. I do have to say though, it's nice that (some) members of society have relaxed about it.
  • There are biological reasons for it. Bisexuality has been demonstrated to be adaptive throughout the animal kingdom, including humans. Consider how conditions were during the time before the advent of Agriculture. Men were pretty much cannon fodder. Generally they had to go out and kill big animals to feed the 'community' or die trying. They died often. Usually women stayed in a safer place to protect the children and await the hunters return. In order to have a stable, long term relationship it generally had to be with a woman. Bonobo Chimpanzees, the animal nearest to us genetically, are led by bisexual matriarchs. There is evidence to support the hypothesis that many of the early bronze age cultures were governed similarly. Women who are sexually active with each other will often both lactate (produce milk) if either of them has a baby. That makes it very adaptive for there to be sexual relationship between women. If the mother dies in child birth the child can survive. Most human traits can be graded onto the normal (bell) curve. I suspect that the same applies to sexual preference. If that is correct, then the average behavior would be bisexual, given Straight at one end and Gay at the other. My point is that it is entirely natural for women to be bisexual. Bisexuality was very common in both genders until about 1000 years ago. It is only since sexuality was stigmatized by one or more monotheistic, female supressing religions that bisexuality became supressed. Today cultural stigmas are falling by the wayside as we improve our technology. Science is really beginning to understand what we are and how we came to be. "and nobody had to be nailed to anything" Douglas Adams.
  • It is called young college girls getting to drunk and acting stupid!! Nothing more ..nothing less
  • Google - Bisexuality 101. Based on research done by Kinsey in the 1940s and 1950s, as many as 15-25% of women and 33-46% of men may be bisexual, based on their activities or attractions. Bisexuals are in many ways a hidden population.
  • the media is a big factor. honestly i thnk every grl is a little bisexual. one of my friends confessed tht she wanted to kiss me and shes straight as an arrow.
  • maybe in teens.. who want attention
  • i think its not common but maybe mor so than we used to think. I think a lot of girls claim they are to get guys attention which completely degrades from those who truly are.
  • Part of it might be there is more media exposure about it these days(most TV series these last few years will always have at least 1 or 2 scenes of 2 women kissing and experimenting together, apart from the L Word of course hehehe) And i dont know how true this is since it was on the net but some university did a study where they showed both str8 male and female students gay and str8 porn and measured how turned on each one got and they found that more str8 women got turned on watching lesbain porn then the str8 males watching gay male porn which they seem to think that women have more of some chemical (i forget) in their brain that allows them to be able to fall in love with a person reguardless of what gender they are!
  • It has been proven that women's sexuality is more fluid than men's. I dont think that is any more "common". Just that more women are accepting it more in themselves and society is more accepting also, so more women are admitting to it.
  • It's been common knowledge in the psychological community for decades that sexuality is not this-or-that, but a grid with gender preferance as one axis and libido as the second, and the person's desire as a line or polygon on the grid.
  • I just like to watch. Shame on me! +5
  • I notice this a long time ago only a woman can indulge in homosexual behavior and still remain a sane person.
  • I had not known what it was called at the time...but I knew I was attracted to both sexes.

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