• Im the same way I went to 4 differnt banks till i found one with out a line in there ,I hate when i do that ,
  • I'm right behind you on that one...ohhhh that's YOU in front of me??!!
  • I am much the same. I almost started to rinse my own hair dye out at a salon today because they were taking so damned long (2 hours total to just tone my gray roots!). I hate cooling my heels. You should see me in a restaurant. If I have to wait more than 10 minutes just to order I just walk on out.
  • "If they were moving any slower, they'd be going backwards", my standard remark to those waiting with me..
  • It all depends. If I am in line at the market and purchasing several things I will wait. I may complain about how slow things are moving but I will deal with it. I will however walk right out of the market and go to the corner grocery store that is way more costly if I just need 2 or 3 things and thge lines are rediciously long.
  • No way. I too just hate that.Can't wait for anything!
  • I am normally a laid back person, but when I have to stand in a line or be in a large crowd, I get really anxious and nervous, I have no idea why. Two years ago I had a seizure standing in line at the airport.
  • Old people, trying to punch buttons on an ATM.. God that gets annoying. BEEP. BEEP! BEEP. They stick their card into it, then take two minutes to punch in their pin, make a mistake, stand there, look dumbfounded for a while, dont know how to get their card back.. Meanwhile, there's a line of 20 people standing behind them, because they just wont give up and move along. And with my luck, when I get to use the ATM, it flashes "Sorry, out of service" right when I get my turn >:( And also, people who walk in front of you in a crowded place, who all of a sudden STOP abruptly and start looking at something off in the distance, or start chatting to somebody they meet, blocking the whole sidewalk, and I nearly run into them (I'm a fast walker when I've got somewhere to be). That gets me angry pretty quick. I'll sometimes say "Hey, keep to the left! There are other people using the sidewalk!" and get around them. They usually gawk at me with open mouths when I say that, or they're too slow to come up with a reply..
  • i'm not impatient typically BUT if there is any sort of wait at the gas station i leave. I will not wait to be next in line at the pump but rather drive somewhere else.
  • im not too bad generally, but i do require at least three internet windows open so i have somethinhg to do whilst one page loads
  • I'm not impatient but I do hate waiting in lines. I just feel like a chump standing there

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