• In my opinion, there is no such thing as a good rifle. Effective ones, yes, but good - no.
  • i like an M1-garand. i use one to deer hunt.
  • The cheeseburger.
  • Compared to other weapons of the time, the M1. Best in absolute terms, they use the M16A4 instead of other weapons for a reason. I've heard that the Special Forces are getting the SCAR, which is more reliable, but it's not widely used. But when you say "best", there are always tradeoffs - reliability, weight, weight of ammo. It's never just contests on a rifle range or academic estimates of lethality.
  • M1 Garand.but the M14 would come in a close second for a bolt action rifle the M98 mauser 8mm.
  • M-1/M-21 But the best is the M-14.
  • if i had to pick one to last a life time i would pick the m-14 for the simple fact that i could take down any north american big game, and the accuracy of the weapon is second to none it was the first weapon to come out after the second world war and koream conflict.and was used in vietnam up to 1965 until it was replaced by the m-16 its biggest down fall was it was to good for what the army needed, and it was uncontrolable on full auto other than that the rifle was picked up by sniper teams and used right up to present
  • The M-1 and the M-14.
  • The M-1 Garand is a great multipurpose weapon for both long and short range use. Perhaps a better question would be what types of ammo are best for each use? I have FMJ, AP, tracer and incendiary. Not a good idea to come to my house unannounced...LOL
  • I personally like M-14s
  • Your question is fine but your question is relative. There have been many guns field tested and used fer different applications. you could ask living vets that same question and you would find an array of weapons that you and I have not heard of what I can do is name the guns that I think starting from 10 working to the #1 10,enfield 303, 9,ww2 BAR,8,45.acp 7,Tommy gun, 6,mauser 98k,5, Strumgrwer first asault rifle,4,m1 gurrand3,m-14, 2,m-16,1,ak47 and that is my list, some may differ but these I know were used extensivly.
  • The M-1 Garand, considering what was being used by everybody else at the time.
  • The one i cut my teeth on -----------m1 garand.
  • your question is to general how bout length of service, lethality, weight what is the actual parameters to this. theres always trade offs for each type and years they were used and service length. my personal favorite is the m-14 long range accuracy it has high probable chance to kill if hit target and we still use them to this day for certain situations in the military when leathality is what we looking for over these pee shooters that 50/50 chance to kill or wound shooting someone with m-4 or m-16 is like hunting dear with a 22 yes you can still kill with it but you better be a damn good marksman or hope you do not run out of ammo for larger targets
  • M-16 even though it did jam alot. It's light and deadly.
  • My favorite was the M-60 machine gun. I had to lump that thing all the time, but as far as rifles throughout history, I might say the British Martini-Henry Rifles that were dominant for the British during their run.
  • m14 and BAR
  • Probably the most overall reliable rifle was the 1903A3. The M1 replaced it was also very reliable. Some of the newer rifles are a bit temperamental but perform OK.
    • Archie Bunker
      The AK47 is a good one. You can bury that f*cker in the ground and it will still fire.
  • If I couldn't get a SAW, I'd take the M14

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