• Yes and i think its ridiculous its not. theyre tall but barely big.
  • Not sure I understand, but who else would it be modeled by? To answer the question more directly: yes.
  • I don't see why not! Plus-Sized people like to see how good they'll look in clothes too!
  • Yes - and I find it really negative that a lot of the plus size models that you see in ads wear size twelve and fourteen, not something more realistic like a 18 or 20. I love the Dove campaign for real beauty ads - they know how to recognize women for their own inner beauty without trying to turn them into something that they aren't because of what may be considered a popular opinion at the time.
  • Oh yes. The plus size models I see are rather small for plus size. Big women are beautiful, too. The media should realize that.
  • Yes and no. Some things look nice on plus size models and something don't.
  • It would be nice if the clothes were modeled by the bottom sizes at the very least. But it's just so hard to judge how things hang or how long something is if the models aren't even close. It's the same with Misses and Petite clothing. If you have tall skinny people wearing all the clothes, you never have any idea how they will look for a 10-12, let alone 14.
  • Yes, and exercise equipment should be advertised with people who aren't 20 year old body builders!
  • it makes sense to, otherwise it'd be weird to have some stick figure model wearing clothes for a person 6 times their size
  • Well, picture a 100 pound model in a size 14 and up..not a great look for the clothes OR the model. It would make sense to fit the clothes to the person. (or vice versa).
  • Yes, and it is. i'm very much involved in the modeling industry and know what goes on. Companies request models of all sizes nowadays because they're not stupid and know people are put off by super skinny models.
  • Who the hell else would model plus sized clothing? I don't understand the question. Are there skinny models out there wearing baggy oversized fattie clothes or something? I've never seen that. Again...who the hell else would possibly model fat clothes?
  • Yes I think they should.
  • yes i think so
  • Yes, Plus size clothing should be Modeled my Plus size models. 1. It allows their friends, families and husbands or wives; to see how clothing would really look in the person they are buying the close for. 2. Not everyone in the world is a size 0, 1 or 2 3. A lot of women who are plus size look hot, but because TV, magazine, media, etc, gives people (women) the impression that being a size of 12 is bad. I have seen some women out their size 16, health and beautiful that should become models. The standards need to be fixed; when you have to make a survey asking if plus sized women should model the close they may wear or have the right to model their clothing, something wrong.
  • I think definitely yes... but it never happens that way! They always use the barely (14) plus size girls...
  • Definitely yes! Even from ethical and psychological perspective. There are so many pretty girls that are plus size, modeling makes them feel good about themselves and adds to their confidence. Even Jordin Sparks used to model for Ashley Stewart - .
  • it would make more sense.
  • well that would defeat the purpose otherwise.
  • Yes, if it's designed for plus size women then it would only make sense to.

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