• Fruits Basket. Without a doubt. It's got pretty animation, quirky characters with depth and pasts and stuff, and even a good dub! (i also very much recommend the manga.)
  • One piece hands down.
  • Azumanga Daioh is a cute little show about a little 10 year old girl that is so amart she is in high school, cute :) <img src="">
  • School Rumble.
  • School Rumble . G.T.O ,
  • Ah my Goddess seasons 1 and 2 24eps each season....recommended Chobits 24-26eps...cant remember recommended Dnangel (sorta) 26eps recommended Dears (Warning, very ecchi) 12eps Futakoi 12eps recommended Fruits Basket 24eps Himawari 12eps.....second season in future Green Green (Warning, very ecchi) 12eps 1 ova Happy lesson 3 seasons Haruhi Suzumiya 12eps...potentially second seasons Love hina 24 eps, 2 specials, 3 ova eps....recommended Midori no Hibi 12eps i think......funny but ecchi Onegai #1 fav...13eps...recommended Ouran High School Host Club...26eps...recommended Kamisama Kazoku....12 eps...wouldnt really suggest this but meh Ichigo 100% 12eps, 6 ovas....but very hard to find....manga much more awesome 16volumes Final approach 12 eps......hard to find anymore Shuffle! 24 eps....warning, very dramatic after ep 12 Maburaho 24eps...very good...recommended Girls Bravo 2 seasons...24eps total...very good UFO princess Valkyrie 4season, 1 special, 2 OVAs....Very Very hard to find if you want a plots for these then msg or add me and ill get glad to give them to you
  • fruba and shugo chara
  • Try "Ranma 1/2". It's by Rumiko Takahashi, who wrote "Inuyasha"
  • death note
  • Azumanga Daioh is great... Oh! The Melancholy of Suzumia Haruhi! It's great!

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