• they're all similar but not the same. when we took the kids to the zoo a while back they had both kangaroos and wallabies and the wallabies were definitely smaller. Don't know about dromedaries.
  • A dromedary is a type of camel, that has 1 hump. Kangaroos and wallabies are similar to each other, but a wallaby is smaller than a kangaroo.
  • Oh my god, LOL take the dromedary out of this question! I just remembered a dromedary is either a one or two humped camel! Hehehe...
  • I think wallabies are much smaller than kangaroos; but anatomically they are quite similar.
  • Ok... First off, a 'dromedary' is a type of single-humped camel, so the difference is pretty obvious : P Informally, a Wallaby is any of the smaller types of animals belonging to the Macropididae Family, and Kangaroo is any of the larger ones, but there are more specific designations within that Family. ***** They are certainly not the same thing, but Kangaroos and Wallabies are very similar except in size.
  • Taking out your camel, that leaves two animals that are both in the macropod family. A wallaby is anything smaller than a kangaroo or a wallaroo. They live in areas that are not as arid and desolate as kangaroos. They like more in forested areas. There is one more in the family called a pademelon.
  • 1)A dromedary is a one-humped camel, and is not related 2) Kangaroos have longer forepaws and longer jaw lines 3) Kangaroos are bigger 4) Kangaroos live in large groups lead by an alpha male 5) Wallabies tend to be solitary
  • i dont think so

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