• I go through anything up to the first three pages checking to see if any of the websites are what I'm looking for, if they're not then I rephrase the search.
  • It really depends on whether those first few entries appear to have the information I'm looking for. I'll go through 5-10 pages of results if I need to.
  • I always see to it to check the first 10 pages of the results because sometimes, the best links are found in the 8th to 10th pages.
  • Yep thats exactly what i do Zack, unless i cant find exactly what im looking for then i might check the next couple of pages.
  • Definately I look at more than the top five, because the top five usually aren't what I'm looking for. Sometimes I'll even go two or three pages into the search.
  • I go through them in order, but I'm usually looking for some technical reference and I often have to go through 2-3 'pages' of hits before I find the right thing.
  • I disregard the rest in the moment when I have found what I was looking for. But I also often want to compare different points of views, so a further research can be necessary. If I don't really find what I am looking for, I could look at more pages and according to the results, rephrase the query.
  • I hate to go passed the first page because after that the results seem to really get out of the ballpark. Of course I also have to weed out the advertisements.
  • I'll pan through the first half of the results depending on the quality of the first 5 to 10 I look at. IF the results aren't right what's the point, but you don't want to miss anything potentially good either.
  • Yes pretty much that's what I do.
  • If I don't find what I'm really looking for, I go through over ten pages of the results before giving up.
  • Sometimes, but i tend to click on all the results, unless i am looking for an specific web site.
  • I often Ignore the top results depending on my search. Top results marketed their way there. If I'm looking for information, I don't want marketing fluff. I *never* click the sponsored results.
  • thats how i found this place. i dont remember what i was googling, but on the 3rd or 4th page in, i clicked on a link that brought me here. I signed up, and laughed and learned all night.
  • Yeah pretty much. lol. I VERY rarely click to the next page.
  • first 3 pages if i really need to find something:) i was looking up something on antarctica and thought i'd see what was on the last couple of pages...i learnt alot about chickens :)

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