• Sure couldn't hurt. We're generally pretty sloppy as a race.
  • I'm trying already I really am
  • Indeed.
  • You are really on the right track.
  • I sure do agree with you. +
  • I'm not sure revolution is quite the right word for it, but I agree that we need to pick up our trash. Not only not to litter, but to actually take care of the trash - limit or eliminate non-biodegradable, non-recyclable packaging and work with the biodegradable packaging to help it degrade and actually recycle ALL the recyclable material. After that we can start revolutionizing other aspects of our world.
  • I cannot agree with your more I wish I could give you more points but it won't let me
  • Y&eah there is no need for the trash blowing around outside. People don't throw kitchen trash on their floor but they think nothing of tossing stuff on the ground when they are outside despite all of the public trash recepticals that are around in most places. It saddens me to see so many human pigs around that take no pride in their neighborhood.
  • no we shouldnt need to pick up our rubbish, we shouldnt drop it in the 1st place! it ends up on peoples front gardens...
  • If we stopped every bit of pollution immediately, 100%, it would still not be enough. There is too much already out there. The planet is doomed, unless we stop thinking that recycling and conserving is going to save it. It won't ! . . It would help some, but it's only a small fraction of what needs to be done. We have to clean up the toilet that other people have already created in the oceans, forests, and atmosphere. It's going to take more than a proverbial "revolution".
  • Wow! Who knew it would be that easy? Mission accomplished!
  • I'm hoping for the hippie movement to come back around. Of course, no one now will ever compare the phenomenal music that occurred in that time but hey at least the peace, love and save the planet sense will be put back into people...hopefully without the use of drugs. ^_^
  • Agreed. I try to lead by example. (Just ask my children.) My better half and I take a garbage bag to the beach every time we go. Not only do we dispose of any trash we may generate we also pick up any other trash we find.
  • I don't have any trash people. I have heard they live in trailer parks, but I have never met them, and I wouldn't pick them up if I did.
  • I agree ...completely 100%.
  • yes, I will say something to someone out in public if I see them it or not.
  • Lets have LESS trash, and less packaging.
  • Always do, wish more people did. I walk down the street, there's a bin on the corner.. yet the streets are covered with rubbish. It's as if people want to live in a rubbish heap. I don't understand it at all. It's disgusting on so many levels.
  • Picking up the trash would be a start, then not throwing more around. We should sort all our trash to have it recycled. It would be so easy on a personal level but in a landfill it becomes a nightmare.
  • Yes! While we pick up our trash we should keep it out of the oceans and reduse, reuse, and recycle!! Good Question!
  • yes we have to think of future generations and wildlife!

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