• That's a hard question to answer. I know coming from Germany, that most Germans tend to think Americans are "stupid" because in Germany, everything is over engineered and perfected. So. It's easy to say that everyone who doesn't do things their way is "stupid". Kinda snooty, but that's how we are. =)
  • As I've said before, a lack of work ethic is one of the main reasons. Another would be that it is incredibly popular to hate Americans right now. It's the "cool" thing to do. It's almost impossible to go anywhere on the internet without having an American-basher present (we use to have one on AB, three guesses on who). It'll cool down soon enough.
  • It's stereotype why do americans think canadians sit around drinking beer in a freaking igloo.
  • Because our educational system has lapsed so far behind other countries, that we are taught "what" to think instead of "how" to think.
  • im from canada. i dont think you are stupid but i know there is a stigma about it. i think people have this concept of americans being very self absorbed, egotistical people. i think another big part is your president. he is not too smart and i think people think he represents americans overall, which is dumb since our PM is pretty stupid too. anyway ive never had any more problems with you guys than i have with my own country, so people oughta realize people are assholes because of who they are, not what country they were born in.
  • When people usually think of America, the first thing that comes to mind is U.S. U.S. has a president that the media has given such negatives, that if you google george bush you'll find pictures of monkeys. This type of information is spread to other countries, by, internet, tv, newspaper etc... Now when a foreign person thinks of George Bush from US, the also suppose the citizens are the same as well. So not true.
  • im not saying hes stupid just this might be a cause of the reason that some people think that
  • I have never thought of Americans as stupid
  • Because we Are??? We have turned our back on God the Creator of our Freedom & Prosperity & now they see the wheel go round & in our Weakness they are ready to Devour Us!!! We have "Had our Way" with them & now it's their turn!!! John
  • the main thing i think is how much waste we generate, especaly in terms of recycling and throwing away everything that isint of use to us. Also we are one of the most statistacly we are one of the most obese countries in the world, granted being fat dosnt have any effect on on intelengence, but come on if you have a country full of fat people natrualy your going to think there a bunch of idiots
  • Who cares!I sure see alot of foreigners here...and then there are the people that jump the border to get here.
  • I`m from another country, and here`s a few reason, that i have heard mostley (i`m sorry if this sounds like i think that all the americans are like this, i know that all of you arent); You voted Bush for a second season, you konw very little about ather countreys, you get in the middle of everything (iraq) and there was this one test, where 1000 american adult citizen have to show where iraq is on the map, and 89 of them couldn`t. And you are in war with it! so its pretty much thinks like that, and political reasons, like president bush. Watch South Park, those gyes konw what they talkin about, and what the world mostley thinks about americans.
  • Because all the information we get on how Americans are is from Friends and The Simpsons.
  • I personally blame the educational system. It sucks. Never in high school did we discus a country other then ours unless we where involved in a war with it. For example, the most discussed are England, France, and Germany. Germany just because of the world wars. And you can forget Japan. In fact, the whole Pacific side of the world may not even exist, if you measure it with how much importance it's given in the classroom. However, with all the focus on our own country more then half of my class mates can't list more then 3 presidents and less then that can give you the start date of the Revolutionary War. It's pathetic. Anyway, guess I'm really just rambling. I also think most of us are pretty lazy. If we really wanted to know about other countries, the libraries free. Go read book and get of your darn butt.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of Americans have brought that on themselves by treating the rest of world outside the US as if it does not exist or, if the know it exists, pretending it doesn't count. Even here on AB, when you ask a question, look at how many people just assume you live in the US.
  • maybe they watched jessica simpson's series on tv.
  • I personally don't but I do know lots of people who think Americans are 'up themselves' and totally arogant and expect the world to bow down to them. I guess it's the reason why there is so much hatred in the world - IGNORANCE. I guess likewise there are so many people across the world who have negative opinions of the English
  • (a) You probably mean citizens or residents of the USA (b) 95% claim to believe in a god (c) large numbers live in poverty without health care and still maintain that their system is so much better than any other country (d) they seem to think that it not stupid to carry guns around (e) their television shows change pictures every few seconds to cope with a diminished attention span
  • I don't know whether Americans are perceived as being ignorant so much as arrogant. And why should anyone think that? Well . . .
  • I am german,married to an us soldier,lived two years in the states and did not/do not think that americans are stupid.It is a different culture than mine and things are done differently,which does not mean they done better or worse.I on the other hand was not really happy to be called "nazi whore" instead of my real name
  • George W. Bu$h Reelected. Need I say more?

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