• The DataReader is an adapter which knows how to extract data from a DataSource and dump it into a DataSet or DataTable. Think of it like the garden hose. The DataSource is the faucet, the DataSet/DataTable is the bucket, and the DataReader is the hose.
  • Data Reader provides a way of reading a stream of rows retrieved frm the database. You can use loop to read the data in each row or you can bind it to any data grid control to display the retrieved data...
  • Basically .Net supports the two database Architectures 1. Online 2. Offline In online data is directly accessed and updated in database. While in offline architecture data is stored in memory and after the changes this is uploaded back to database. Data reader is ADO.NEt object and used to read the data in online mode. It reads the data from database.
  • Data reader provides a way of reading stream of rows retrieved from the database..

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