• Yes. :o(
  • Yep, thats why Im only a A1C in the Air Force, because I do the work and others reap the rewards.
  • Yep, while in school I had to turn down several promotions at work because I could not work the hours that they required.
  • unfortunately thats how its supposed to be. if you get promoted, obviously you will have more responsibilities and if you need to be flexible sched-wise. so if your not freely available, chances are promotions would not be an option.
  • Yep. In fact, I belong to your "often lazy rude and useless" category who get promoted "on the sole merit that they are freely available".
  • It has been my experience that those that really work don't get promotions because the company wants to keep the hard worker as a worker and not as management. I was, though, passed up for a promotion because I am a female. There was an opening for a management position in softlines for shoes. The softlines manager offered me the position but the store manager went behind his back, knowing that he was going to offer me the job and offered it to a guy who had worked there for 3 weeks. As I think about it I guess I could have had a case against Caldor's...hmmmmm....too bad the statute of limitations is up on that one. If I had known then what I know now......!
  • That sucks. You'll probably end up with a better job in the long run though.

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