• Did you shampoo after applying it? You should never shampoo right after applying just rinse really well. Is the shampoo you are using for color treated hair?
  • I don't think henna stays much longer on body or hair. I used to tatto my hands with it and I don't think it stayed much on my body. This other friend of mine is sayin that it does stay for a month but in my opinion it doesn't.
  • Absolutely the shampoo is stripping out the color you might be able to find a sealent also to put on after the color which helps the color last a little longer.
  • Hi! If your hair already has been dyed(over the counter hair dye) or had any kind of conditioners this will cause it to wash out. If using "regular" Henna Powder, make sure to use Henna Oil or "essential oil" when mixing henna. Shelly oil is preffered. You only need afew drops. Also make sure you use "freshly squeezed lemons when you mix it. This will give you a rich and long lasting stain. To make it Darker add Indigo. Leave on for atleast 45 minutes. More then likely it is previous dye you used. Henna is awesome for the hair so do not give up! For more information go to.
  • The manufacturers were lying, obviously.

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