• Willingness to accept others as they are, regardless of your personal beliefs.
  • Ability to listen and refrain from being judgemental and harsh until you hear all the facts.
  • the ability to see things from every point of view not being judgemental and that is so cool best wishes
  • It means forgetting all that you have grown up to believe and taking it one step further to look at things another way,I think having an open mind means please consider all other thoughts and feelings.
  • The ability to use critical thinking to analyze the subject matter without being critical of the people involved, regardless of their opposing viewpoints or direct relation to the subject matter.
  • Being able to listen to any point of view, yet still not having to agree, and neither be judged negatively for differing opinions.
  • A state of mind where you neither accept nor reject, but absorb without judgment.
  • Its about accepting something that you pass no judgement on, and have no critisisum for. I like to think I have an open mind about most things :)
  • Someone who is openminded can be stern in their thoughts and beliefs for themselves but also understand that others may not feel the same way and be totally accepting of that. It is also someone who keeps themselves in a state of mind that when new information comes to them, no matter if it opposes what they already think they know, they are willing to accept it.
  • Every answer I've seen on here so far is very good answers.
  • Being able to at least listen, if not accept.
  • receptive to arguments or ideas Willing to consider new and different ideas or opinions. 1. having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments. 2. unprejudiced; unbigoted; impartial. [Origin: 1820–30] o·pen-mind·ed (ō'pÉ™n-mÄ«n'dÄ­d) adj. Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others. Synonyms: broad-minded. willing to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to your own: have/keep an open mind - to wait until you know all the facts before forming an opinion or making a judgement. Ready acceptance of often new suggestions, ideas, influences, or opinions: openness, receptiveness, receptivity, responsiveness.
  • Being able to accept other peoples point of view, and being able to look at things from a different perspective than the one you are used to.
  • Open mindedness is being able to take the viewpoint of others statements; say what you think and do what you say.
  • It depends on the person for the standard to be drawn, but it is a higher-than-not level of objectivity in one's judgements and thoughts, in my opinion.

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