• You are out of whack with the day/night cycle. This could be a matter of a sleeping disorder, not so much insomnia. You are going to have to reset your clock. Most likely this will best be done gradually, extending your hours awake 2-3 hours pushing your sleeping ahead by 2-3 hours until it matches the day/night cycle. Also much consideration has to be made as to what you are doing before bed time or when bed time should be and why it is you got out of sync with the rest of the people in your time zone. Insomnia is lack of sleep, or not being able to sleep - period, or taking like hours to fall asleep, or waking up for no good reason when the clock reads 3:33 in the am You can sleep, you are just out of sync with the day night cycle.
  • I don't have 2 kids but I do the same thing basically, when I can. Stay up at night and sleep when the sun comes up. I don't really like morning but I love the night time. It's really beautiful at night. I also tend to stay up one night and sleep the next. If you need to reset your clock really quickly I think staying up one night and going to bed at normal time is a fairly unhealthy (probably) but quick way of doing it. Your body is tired enough that it will ignore programming and opt for the sleep.
  • I am like this because I work nights. I had this job for ten years, so I'm used to such a schedule. As for staying awake all day and night, I actually have done so on many occasions, most notably during my long bike rides, which begin immediately after work. One example is 5 hours of work, followed by a 36-hour bike ride to Santa Cruz and back. I was awake the entire time.
  • sounds like imsomnia, maybe you should stay up during the day so you sleep nights

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