• Swift kick in the nuts... yeah... that's about it.
  • Get to couples counseling...stat!~
  • If we were in a heated argument - and we'd have to be for him to EVER say that to me. That would be the end of it. At the point that hurtful words like that are thrown around, no progress will be made. Both need time to cool off and come back a DISCUSS the issue without anger.
  • "Well then I guess you won't give a $H!7 when I walk my a$$ out that door then" as I grab my purse and leave. I don't put up with bull!
  • or slap him or ignore and never talk to him again sh*ty man do not deserve that much time
  • Tell him where to stick it!
  • I would suggest you 1) return the favor and 2) find someone else who actually does value your opinions and feelings. Karma works in the long run. If you don't, before long, someone will say/do the same to him.
  • With more opinions,just louder.
  • He has gone beyond disrespecting you just by saying that........what's next when that no longer has effect on you?.....A punch in the face or worse......If I was female I would be long gone and as a male I find him a weakling hiding his own inadequacies using bullying tactics :o(
  • I'd stick my fingers in my ears and say, "Nanny nanny boo boo, I can't hear you. Come talk to me when you want to act your age."
  • Trust me, he's not that stupid. He is also not that disrespectful. If he ever did say such a thing, I would question his sanity. I also have no problem locating the door.
  • It would not happen, a relationship should be built on repect for each other. If the occasion came when he was that rude or stupid he or I would be gone.
  • I can usually smell losers like that from a mile away, but if that ever did get past my radar I would say: Buh Bye!
  • I would plead to the officer not take me to jail because I was forced to do it.
  • My boyfriend would never do that, so it would strike me by surprise. It would be so out of character for him that I would analyze myself to see if I'd done anything to contribute to his anger. I might be the only one to answer like this, but oh well. I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year and just.... that's just not a him thing to do.
  • it depends....i mean most people have to be pretty angry to say something like that. My b/f is pretty cool so if he said that...chances are I must have done something REALLY bad to make him THAT angry. But men and women should not treat each other that way. It's not right and its not respectful.
  • I'd leave him and find a new man 'cuz that's how I roll.
  • I'm an asshole, but I would NEVER say that. Yikes!
  • I don't think he would be my man much longer.
  • If he spoke to you like that ,then he doesn't respect you. I personally couldn't live with a man like that and BEWARE if he is saying that to you now what else will he be saying or doing in 2 yrs time ?
  • hahahaha he must be joking sensible people don't talk to each other like that
  • my sister's ex husband used to act like that to her all the time. that's exactly why he is now her EX husband. i can not put up with guys that treat me like i'm worthless. i'd say ok since you don't "care" about my opinion you don't "care" about me.. so you can have fun finding another lady who will put up with you[: goodbye !
  • Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya...
  • I have heard it before and let me tell you if you have an emotional attachmenbt to this man its easier said than done. Let him know immediatly how his comments made you feel give him another chance (to do this you have to let it go) If it happens again you should leave. Once a man knows youlll take his shit hell just keep throwing it at you. Pretty soon youll be his punching bag for every bad moment in his life. Make sure he knows you will leave if it does happen again. And make sure you really leave. and tell him to fuck off as you hit the door!!! Good Luck! and remember there are billions of good guys out there they are just harder to find!
  • &lt;<<<*sound of door slamming in assholes face*>>>>>

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