• Yep: Don't.
  • Get sparklers and shave off the bit that burns into a bottle or can. Use 1 as a fuse sticking out of it and light and get back. It looks really cool.
  • Yes I know from my military training. but i do not believe discussing such things on the internet or at any other time is appropriate
  • get an empty pop bottle with a top to it, roll up pieces of alluminum foil into tiny balls, a number close to 20 should do, make sure not to make the balls to big or it may result in failure, next for the chemical, i use a solution called the works, its a toilet bowl cleaner, or idk but try something that you think may be stronger than bleach, keep trying until you see the foil start to burn, when that happens, close the top tight! and move away quick, its a very loud noise, and really sounds simalar to an m-40.
  • Ask the whole of Middle East.
  • Kerosene with pieces of glass!
  • I have multiple books on making bombs, including atomic bombs! Most of them were obtained through Amazon books or the public library! It's all public knowledge!
  • get string,batteries,match and oil/fuel step 1: cover batteries in oil/fuel step 2: put one end of the string on the batteries and the other near you step 3: light the end of the string that's near you and wait for the BOOM!!! you will need: glass bottle full of flammable liquid(like,whisky,scotch,vodka or fuel),a tissue and a lighter or a match step 1: take cork out of bottle and stuff half the tissue in(make sure the half in the bottle is touching the liquid) step 2: light the top end of the tissue step 3: now you can chuck the bottle or you can leave it to explode happy killing=)
  • The less bombs are around, the better... May I ask why you need to know this?
  • Yes. Make your kitchen completely airtight and turn the stove on. After 45 minutes ignite. If you want a little more fun... fill the stove with nails.

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